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In 1981, the accomplished cellist and conductor, Mstislav Rostropovich, had a performance at United Nations Headquarters in New York City for an event on behalf of UNICEF. Guest performers and young music students from the city were invited to perform with the orchestra. The Maestro was a product of Soviet Russian culture where children were selected to be introduced to music education based on completely random decisions (look, speech, posture, politeness) and he had limited expectations. But something magical happened. Members of the U.N. congregation asked the students to improvise on randomly given melodies. They performed masterfully and were rewarded with...
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Evidence based music education
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Chuck Berry, one of the fathers of our art form of Rock & Roll, passed away on March 18th, 2017, during Music In Our Schools Month. Forever going forward, let's remember this pioneer by honoring him in music education. Here are 9 free interactive Smartboard Presentations made by music teachers and music students on the Life of Chuck Berry and his impact on music. They can be viewed online or use them as a free download and present them in class, offline. Three of the music presentations are in different languages: French, Spanish and Norwegian. I've also included some memorable quotes and lyrics...
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Happy Music In Our Schools Month! I saw a brilliant idea posted by Mr. Palmer from Neptune Public Schools in my home state of New Jersey! He had his students write "Today I'm a Band Student, Tomorrow I'm a ______" and the students wrote down what they wanted to be. Here is Mr. Palmer's tweet:  Since it is MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS MONTH, we made the below printouts for you to download, print and post on twitter [@MaestroEducator #MIOSM @NAFME]. Let's show the Twitter-verse how important a strong music education program is to building up our students to aspire greatness. (Right...
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When reviewing the literature on brain substrates of music processing, a puzzling variety of findings can be stated. The traditional view of a left-right dichotomy of brain organization—assuming that in contrast to language, music is primarily processed in the right hemisphere—was challenged 20 years ago, when the influence of music education on brain lateralization was demonstrated. Modern concepts emphasize the modular organization of music cognition. According to this viewpoint, different aspects of music are processed in different, although partly overlapping neuronal networks of both hemispheres. However, even when isolating a single “module,” such as, for example, the perception of contours, the...
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In order to accomplish our goal of simplified music education, I model learning through Bloom’s Taxonomy with one great exception. The entire process is inverted. First, the learner must create. It is in that creating that all understanding will originate from during the experiential process. This concept may have been created by Sam Wineberg and Jack Schneider in an Education Week article, “Inverted Bloom’s Taxonomy” (Wineburg & Schneider, 2009), where they called for all of the Bloom’s Taxonomy posters hanging in classrooms to be turned upside down. After I began disseminating this theory of simplified music education it began to spread. Sadly,...
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The Teaching Music Technology website offers free music tech lessons and materials for teachers plus articles, software, apps, tips and research.

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Bringing music education theory into practice is often easier than in other subject areas because music isn’t part of the standardized testing movement. Because of this, we can make changes with slightly less effort. I had put together a theory examining the identification of stereotypes in elementary music classrooms and hypothesized on ways of removing them as I put the action research into effect in my classroom. Since the research began with fairly innocuous questionnaires completed by both parents and students, it was a simple implementation. But from the surveys,  I was able to derive anonymous percentages identifying numbers of students...
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A significant number of recent studies have used functional neuroimaging methods to investigate the perception of musical stimuli by the human brain [1]–[10]. The broad appeal of these studies is likely to be related to the universal nature of music throughout history and across cultures, as well as the intrinsic relationship between music and language. Fewer studies, however, have examined the central mechanisms that give rise to music performance [11], [12] while, to our knowledge, only one other study [13] has examined the neural substrates that give rise to the spontaneous production of novel musical material, a process that extends well...
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Can hardly contain our excitement! Our new worldwide goodwill book, Smarter ² : How to Use Personalized Learning to Master School Faster and Create the Future You Want is finally finished after a year of love and hard work! The book shows students: how to custom tailor learning to their needs, strengths and passions,  how self-direct their education so that it matches what they want for their future   ensures that what students study is directly related to the workplace and students are prepared with college and career readiness skills No more 'one-size-fits all education' Data shows that using personalized learning increases...
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By Vivien L. Li: Parental involvement in a child's musical education is more important than before. Usually, the age when children normally begin learning musical instruments is the age when they need lots of encouragement and approval. Parental involvement can help foster their children's growth and at the same time see rapid results. Read further for the seven key ways you can be involved in your child's progress: 1. Be supportive of their choice of musical instrument. OK, you've never been very fond of loud noise, so it might be a little uncomfortable when your child tells you he wants to...
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This book is your step-by-step action plan to help you find a new (or slightly used) piano for your music classroom at no cost to you. Some may be completely free, some may require effort in obtaining funds from one source another. Everything is outlined for you. Find your FREE Piano, Now!  ...
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Music Teachers teach at fast pace for many more hours beyond the school day (every day!). To keep from burning out, it's a good idea to pause and take daily inspirations from regular sources. I've found that positive quote books or books with quotes of music lovers are a great start (like this one). Some of us turn to spirituality. Others look to musical accomplishments. Whatever works for YOU, I implore you to get into a habit of doing that one thing, every day! According to Google, here are some of the highest visited places online where music teachers get inspired....
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Let's think beyond Rock Band and Guitar Hero, beyond the Playstation and Xbox. There are other ways music teachers can harness the power of video games for their music class. There are a great number of free music games on the internet that you can find with a simple Google search but we found four resources and directories that are wildly popular and proven to help incorporate technology in your lesson plans. 1) Video Games Helping Math and Music Education [Article and Resource]   2) San Francisco Symphony [Online Flash Music Games] 3) Exploring the Relationship Between Music Education and Video Games [Case Study]...
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If you are a first year music teacher or starting out as the new music teacher in a new school, there are countless pitfalls and traps you can easily avoid. Here are six ways our experts feel you can easily avoid some problems in your music class. 1) Make Your Room Beautiful (Tracy King, Music Teacher): Like it or not, every student and every teacher and every parent will be judging the new music teacher. They'll be drawing their own conclusions based on the looks of your classroom. So even if you are brand new to the music education game, don't...
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When a student with special needs becomes transitions into classes with the regular student population, there are many anxieties they bring with them that are often overlooked. One of the beautiful things about music education is that music class offers students a safe space to emotionally and physically enjoy the arts. This often gets lost in the speed of the school day but when I stop to think specifically about the positives, I think about how the student WITHOUT special needs is benefiting from these new peer-to-peer relationships. In her book "I Don't Want to Go!", Delores Connors is addressing those anxieties...
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As with anything that is considered change, progress or a new idea, music technology has had a difficult time being incorporated into music education. Just ask Leonardo Da Vinci who though up an epic leap forward for musical instruments in 1488! Yes, as technology applies to computers and circuitry, this movement started in the 1950's. But technology is not just electronics. It is ingenuity, creativity and engineering. In Leonardo Da Vinci's sketchbooks (Codex Atlanticus, pg 93r), there were designs for a revolutionary combination of three major instruments of his time: the organ, the harpsichord and the viola da gamba. The instrument...
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Every music teacher goes through lots of resources. And let's face it. Resources are scarce. But there are some ways you can give old things a new life which saves money while making you incredibly hip. 1) Vocal Music Teachers: REPERTOIRE BOX: Do you have piles of old sheet music? Don't throw it out! Instead, make a class project. Have students trim away the margins. Then find a discarded cardboard box. Tape it shut and get some glue. Glue the cut up manuscript all over the box at any angle. When dry, cut a slit in the top it. Now you have...
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None of us could imagine a life without music. That’s why it is inconceivable to imagine a society that doesn’t embrace Music Education as being an essential part of schooling. Music teachers around the globe are suffering from tighter budgets, limited resources and some even have had their jobs eliminated. How can we, as a society, allow that to happen? Somehow, it HAS happened and here we are.


Here is a challenge I call "Music in a Day": ...

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